Q&A Series

What is Q&A?

The Q&A add-on allows users to ask questions to their administrators without changing over to an email client or a ticketing system. Administrators are able to create categories for questions and answer the questions presented by users. Great for FAQ!

Who is the target audience?

This add-on is used by users and administrators!

Read our User Guide or Administrator Guide for more information.

Which applications does Q&A support?

The Q&A add-on series will be available for the following applications as soon as possible:

  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • Bamboo (available now!)
  • Stash

Key Features

  • Easy to find Q&A from application navigation
  • Simple interface to ask questions about the app
  • Admins can delegate permission to answer questions
  • E-mail notifications to both askers and answerers
  • Can download/upload JSON for quick and easy Q&A population!

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