Enhanced Notifications for JIRA

This add-on has been archived. We are supporting current customers but not offering this for sale.


The Enhanced Notifications plugin allows a project administrator to manipulate the emails that are sent from JIRA. You can add fields as well as set criteria by which to trigger the enhanced notifications.


The Enhanced Notifications plugin for JIRA is exclusively available from the Atlassian Marketplace. In order to install the Enhanced Notifications plugin, you need to be running JIRA 5.2 or above. The Enhanced Notifications plugin is installed via the Plugin Manager. If you don't have access to install plugins, please contact your local JIRA Administrator.


Once the Enhanced Notificaiton plugin for JIRA has been installed, a JIRA project administrator can create new rules with the power of JIRA JQL and utilize the screens that a JIRA administrator has set up. For more details, please read our document entitled Creating and viewing notification rules.

Supported fields

The Enhanced Notification plugin currently supports the plain text and numerical fields. We will be adding support for other field types in the future. If there are field types that you need now - please open a support request to help us prioritize.