Atlassian Connect Data Security & Privacy statement

The following is in addition to Wittified's general Privacy Statement and applies to Atlassian Connect add ons that Wittified develops and maintains


Wittified's Addons that run against the Atlassian Cloud servers are based on the Atlassian remote add-on framework (Atlassian Connect). We utilize other well-known third party providers to host and provide these services.

Data storage

The data provided to us by you during the course of using the add-ons are stored in our databases. We don't store any data in our database unless provided by you to us. Any Atlassian application data (Space, Project, Page, Issue etc) is limited to the key or id of the item.

Data retention

We will retain the data you've provided to us for up to 30 days after you uninstall the add-on. The data you've provided will continue to persist in our backups after this (see Backups for more details).

People and access

Wittiified, LLC hosted services uses DigitalOcean and Linode to provide services. This is subject to change if Wittified identifies any issues with the provider. This page will be updated to reflect this. We recommend watching this page to be notified.

Linode's security statement is available at:
DigitalOcean's security statement is available at:


We back up our databases for disaster recovery purposes. We persist the backup data for up to 7 days.