Responding to a Call

Some functionality may not be available

The Administrator of the HipChat room has several options for configuring a CallCenter-enabled room, including the ability to enable or disable Caller ID, voice mail transcription, and which events trigger announcements (i.e. cards) in the HipChat room. Therefore, depending on your room's configuration, your screens may differ from what is shown below. See Configuring CallCenter for HipChat for more information.

When an inbound call comes in to one of the phone numbers associated to a CallCenter-enabled HipChat room, the caller hears the welcoming message configured by the Administrator. This message generally informs the caller that the call is being connected, but can also go on to say that no one is available to take the call and therefore allow the caller to leave a voicemail message.

Viewing a call

As an incoming call is recognized by the HipChat room, the background color of the lozenge in the CallCenter glance will change to red to indicate there is an incoming call.

You can view the incoming call in one of two ways:

  1. You can click on the card in the main window, click the ellipsis menu (), and choose View Call
  2. Click the CallCenter glance to show its sidebar view (aka detailed glance). At the top of the sidebar view will be a card for each incoming call, identifying the caller and providing you with the ability to Accept or Decline the call.

Answering a call

To answer an incoming call, open the detailed glance and click Answer on the card representing the active call you wish to answer.

The following screen will be displayed, showing information about the call and, if Caller ID is enabled for the room, the caller's name, location and originating phone number. This screen also allows you to mute your microphone or hangup the call.

While a team member is on an active call, a card will appear in the main window to show who answered the call.

In addition, the detailed glance will also be updated to reflect who is on the call:

Declining a call

To decline a call, open the detailed glance and click Decline on the card representing the active call you wish to decline.

If you decline the call and no other team member answers it, the caller will be able to leave a voicemail message.

Joining an active call

If you need to enlist another team member to participate in an active call, they are able to join the call by clicking on the initial card display in the sidebar view, which then shows this screen:

Click Join call to join the call.

From this view, you can also add a note about the call or click the back button ( ) to return to the initial card display in the sidebar view.  The call will be ended when the caller hangs up or any participating team member clicks Hangup.



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