User Guide


Embedded Status for Bamboo provides you the capability to place icons in external systems and is available to install through the Atlassian Marketplace and the UPM in Atlassian Bamboo.

Using Status Icons

Once installed - a new tab will appear on the build plan ("status icons").

Icon urls

The "Status Icons" shows you various syntax for icon urls for you to place into a page. Copy and paste this into the appropriate place in your remote destination.

When pasting in the urls into system such as Confluence - make sure that the url remains pointing to your Bamboo server and the image doesn't get uploaded to the system.


By default the status icons are available for anonymous users. You can restrict this though by checking "Restrict Icons" at which point the build plan permissions will restrict the display of the current status to who can see the build plan in Bamboo.


The icons are showing "unknown" status

The plugin isn't properly licensedInstall a valid license (evaluation or purchased)
The build plan or the environment that the url is pointing to isn't foundValidate that the URL is correct. If so, ensure that the user is on a shared network with the Bamboo instance.
The permissions on the build plan is set so that the user accessing the icon isn't allowed to see itAdjust permission setting for status icons; Adjust permissions for build plan; OR Message expectations to users
The icon hasn't updated and is no longer in sync with BambooThe image was uploaded to the system or webpage and is not being pulled dynamically from BambooChange your page code to pull the image dynamically from Bamboo rather than using a local copy of a static image.