Technical Debt Tracker for Bamboo

Technical Debt Tracker for Bamboo (formerly Technical Insights for Bamboo) allows you to easily see the TODOs and FIXMEs in a given build as well as historically.


To configure the Technical Debt Tracker for Bamboo, simply add the task to the build.



Directory to scan

This is a sub directory within the source code directory. This is useful to specify when you have a lot of extra content in your repository. Default behavior is to scan the entire repository/code base.

Verbose build log output

This will list out the files that were scanned.


Any extra extensions that you wish to have scanned in addition to the ones listed.



There are 3 reports displayed.

The Plan Overview

The plan overview will show you over the last 30 builds - what tasks have been seen and when they first occurred.

The Plan Results and Job Results

Both of these will show you the specific tasks for that particular build number.