Announcer 2.0 Release notes

Wittified is excited to announce the release of Announcer 2.0. This release brings a wealth of new updates. ( See below for the exact changes).

Support for new formats

In addition to HTML, we have now introduced Markdown and plain text support to the the list of formats (pick your format from the list under Advanced).

Delayed activation for acknowledgement button

We have enhanced the acknowledgment button to allow for a delayed activation in case people are you just hitting "Dismiss".

On This Page

User Interface changes

We have revisited the user interface and updated the various areas:

Main screenBasic editorAdvanced editor


Wondering if people are actually reading the content of your announcements? We have added in a "Dwell" time to the report. This allows you to see how long somebody spent on the page until they hit "Dismiss".

Let the Space/Project Administrators in on the fun

Up to now, only the application administrator could create announcement. Now you can allow Space/Project Administrators to create dialog and banner announcements in their areas.

Targeting options

We have made numerous improvements in the area of targeting including some scaling and getting ready for the Data Center products. One addition is the targeting of announcements to groups.


Bug Fixes

  • [ANNOUNCE-28] - Large full page announcements start at bottom of page
  • [ANNOUNCE-47] - JIRA's session hunter is having issues cleaning up sessions.
  • [ANNOUNCE-49] - Dismiss button appears off the screen on low resolutions
  • [ANNOUNCE-50] - Make the shortcut to the admin screen accessible from the admin UI
  • [ANNOUNCE-65] - provide link to config page from the accepted banners page


  • [ANNOUNCE-12] - Restrict an announcement to one or more user groups.
  • [ANNOUNCE-25] - Dialog screen should adjust to actual content hight
  • [ANNOUNCE-30] - Allow "project" owners to create their own announcements
  • [ANNOUNCE-48] - Report viewing time of announcement
  • [ANNOUNCE-56] - Allow for sorting the list of announcements
  • [ANNOUNCE-57] - Error from logs
  • [ANNOUNCE-59] - Add countdown to dismiss button
  • [ANNOUNCE-69] - Clean up the anonymous tables every once in a while