Announcer 4.0 release notes

What's new

Experience an enhanced announcement editor

Announcer Series for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket, version 4.0, presents an improved announcement editor experience with well grouped basic configurations and easy to use tabs for advanced configurations. The tabbed interface includes Content to compose the body of an announcement, Filtering options to apply filters on the target audience, and Scheduling options to set time restrictions on an announcement. For more information, refer to Admin Guide.

Refer to the following Announcement editor in Jira:

The succeeding sub-sections explain new configuration options added to Announcement editor.

Show announcements to new users only

Use this option from the Filtering Options tab to display an announcement to new users in your Jira or Confluence instance. This option is not available in Bitbucket.

Filter for specific project category(s)

Use this option from the Filtering Options tab to target an announcement to users browsing the specified project category(s). This option is available only in Jira.

Enable time restrictions on an announcement

In addition to existing date restrictions on an announcement, you can now add time restrictions (in the Scheduling Options tab) that allows you to set time preferences during which an announcement is displayed. This helps you address scenarios such as your system maintenance windows lasting for fewer hours where you do not have to display an announcement for an entire day.

Enable custom recurrence

Use this option from the Scheduling Options tab in scenarios where you want to display an announcement at regular intervals. You can:

  • Repeat announcement daily for - Set the number of days you want repeat the announcement for specifying the daily, weekly, or monthly details.  
  • Repeat announcement - Repeat the announcement weekly, monthly or on the last day of the month mentioning the specific day in a week you want to display the announcement.

Bypass Full Page announcements in specific pages

Administrators can now specify one or more URIs where a Full Page announcement is not displayed. To support this feature, a new text field is added to the Bypass Full Page Announcements section of the Announcer Global Configuration page.

View changes in Export to CSV behavior 

The behavior of the Export to CSV button click in the acceptance report of an announcement now depends on the number of users in the page. When the user count is:

  • Less than or equal to 2000, the CSV file is downloaded to your browser.
  • More than 2000, you notice that this button is disabled and an info message is displayed on the top of the page mentioning the download is in progress. Once the export is complete, an email is sent to the user performing the export with the storage details of the CSV file on their system.

Release highlights

A note from the product team

We would like to extend our gratitude to the customers who voted and provided feedback on the main features in this release. We're excited to see what you think of this release! 

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