Announcer 2.9 release notes

What's New in this Release

Set a reminder for your announcements

Are your users sometimes too busy to read an announcement? Admins can choose to enable a "Remind Me Later" option that appears next to the "Acknowledge" button for end users within an announcement. Clicking "Remind Me Later" will temporarily mute the announcement for an admin-specified amount of time. The button text, explainer text, and length of time until the user receives the message again can be customized in the Global Configuration screen.

Configure global and announcer settings in separate tabs

In this release, the Announcer Series of apps includes two tabs in the sidebar to configure global and announcement settings respectively, making the app configuration more organized and easy to use.


Refer to Admin Guide to know more about each of these sections.

Add unique icons and colored borders to your announcements

Announcer for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket now allows admins to customize notifications by adding informative icons and colored borders. This is facilitated by various Notification icon options in the Advanced Options section of the Announcer Configuration screen. 

This feature is available only for Banner and Flag notifications.

Improved Acceptance Report screen

In the Acceptance Report of a specific announcement, you can now:

  • Hover over a user name link to view the profile details of the respective user profile details
  • View accepted announcement(s) sorted by date
  • Refer to the time stamp added to the Accepted Date column

Resolved issues

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