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The entire Wittified team is excited to share with you the latest version of Delegated Project Admin Pro for JIRA. With 2.0 we've added in full Delegation capabilities for Workflows, Fields, Issue Types and much more!

What's new?

Introducing Self Service Mode

We're introducing a new mode called Self Service. With Self Service a trusted project administrator can easily add fields, workflow statuses and issue types. This is done by creating a new concept that we call Process Templates. A Process Template is a combination of Issue Types, Field Configurations, Issue Type Screen Schemes and Workflow configurations. A trusted user can easily add a workflow status without having to know about the JIRA internals, however you as the administrator stay in complete control. For more information about Self-Service mode please visit our guide at Using Self-Service Mode - 2.0.

... and Guided Path Mode

If all of your users aren't ready for maintaining all of the details of a projects? We have reinvisioned the 1.x functionality and call it Guided Path Mode. With the Guided Path mode, you as the administrator can select the scheme that users can select from and move between.

New Administration UI and functionality

With all of this goodness, we've revisited the Administration UI and moved the administration pages to it's own area within the Add-On tab in JIRA. The administration pages are also redone so that you can easily see what's being delegated and who's being delegated to. And finally - you can now add trusted groups to have access to Delegation of Project administration. Head on over to Administrator's Guide - 2.0 to read more about the changes.

New Permissions

The previous permission system in 1.x was an escalating approach. With 2.0 we've redone this to allow you to specify which groups of users can do what more specifically.

Upgrading from a previous version?

Notifications, Permissions and Issue Type editing

We are deprecating the editing of issue types, notifications and permissions in the Guided Path mode since it's moving to Self Service. Not quite ready for Self Service? No worries - as part of the upgrade, if you had a 1.x version installed of the add-on, the add-on enables the old editor for you in the Guided Path mode. This feature will be removed in a later release though.

Permissions will need to be reset after upgrading from 1.x

If you're upgrading from a previous version of Delegated Project Admin Pro for JIRA, you will have to reset your permissions to handle the new flexible options. None of the permissions configuration is migrated. For more information please see the Administrator's Guide - 2.0.

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