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Rework of the redirects

2.0 introduces introduced redirects in order to handle the interception of the full page view. In 2.1, we have gone back and revisited this. As of 2.1, the full page redirect is done inline of the content. This means that it will only redirect when there's a full page announcement needing to be redirected.


Please note that this update does change the behaviors slightly. If a user downloads an attachment or binary file (iei.e., an item that is not in the Atlassian look and feel) - , it will not receive an announcement interception.


Reset the announcements

Got announcements that you everyone every once in a while want to redo? Just click the reset Reset the button and all of the acknowledgments are wiped out of the database and your end users will see the announcement once again.

Variable strings

Want to reference the user in your announcement? The following variables are now available:

VariableLogged in user sampleAnonymous user