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This guide applies to Delegated Project Creator for JIRA 2.5 and above.

Video: Admin Features

The following video provides a helpful high-level overview of the Administration features available within this add-on. See the Administrator Guide documentation below for additional details.

Administering Delegated Project Creator

The Project Creator for JIRA add-on allows you to define one or more templates that define how a JIRA project is to be configured and then allow certain users or groups to create projects themselves using these templates. You can also provide users with the ability to request a project be created from a template, and then have certain users or groups process the request and create a project (or reject the request).

The typical steps you would follow to define templates and make them available for use are:

  1. Install the add-on
  2. Grant or revoke Project Creation permissions
  3. Create, edit or delete Component Schemes
  4. Create, edit or delete Version Schemes
  5. Create, edit or delete Project Role Schemes
  6. Create, edit, or delete Project Templates
  7. Grant or revoke Project Request permissions
  8. Configure questions to ask when someone requests a new project
  9. Manage request notifications
  10. View, comment on, approve, or reject an outstanding project request


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