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Product Overview

Empower your power users

The JIRA administrator can delegate the creation of new projects to the people that are requesting them. Setting permissions is as simple as selecting the JIRA group(s) that should have access to create templatized projects.

Standardize your projects

The Delegated Project Creator for JIRA (formerly Project Creator for JIRA) add-on allows you to define project templates for your commonly used project scheme configurations. Create as many different templates as you need to handle new project requests. Customize your templates by choosing your:

  • Field Configuration schemes
  • Screen schemes
  • Workflow schemes
  • Issue Type Screen schemes
  • Issue Security schemes
  • Components
  • Versions
  • Project Categories
  • Project Types
  • Default assignee
  • and more!

Create new projects with ease

Once a user has been empowered to create a new project from a template, they simply go to the Projects dropdown and select "Create new project from template." Specify the project name and project key, select the project and click Create.

Who is the target audience?

JIRA administrators and users that belong to the groups to whom the JIRA administrators have given the permission to create projects from templates.

Key Features

  • Create templates for JIRA projects
  • Allow trusted groups to create projects from these templates

For more, read our User Guide.

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