Release Notes - Announcer - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [ANNOUNCE-76] - got internal server error via Announcer on demand
  • [ANNOUNCE-77] - report not reflecting acknowledgements in on demand
  • [ANNOUNCE-105] - Error when Stash comes up the first time and gets the initial token...
  • [ANNOUNCE-131] - Wrong number of registered users
  • [ANNOUNCE-133] - Announcer for JIRA has 1 of 0 registered users

New Feature

  • [ANNOUNCE-25] - Dialog screen should adjust to actual content hight
  • [ANNOUNCE-129] - We'd an option to publish a banner that doesn't have the little yellow alert icon on the left; its annoying


  • [ANNOUNCE-132] - Access to add-on not part of extra admin authentication

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